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The Chitra Lane Way charts the progressive approach of an organization that has learned through trial and error, laughter and tears, their own ‘way’ of reaching out to children with special needs and empowering them with the necessary skills that will maximize their potential. test 1
In sharing years of experience and methodology, this collective work seeks to provide useful insights into the importance of early detection and early intervention of disabilities; understanding children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs; managing attention deficits and challenging behaviors; developing specific educational and life skills including speech and language, number, creative arts, self-help skills, vocational skills and much more.
Importantly, this book is not just for those working with children with special needs. It is ideal for any parent and educator. It shares a pioneering program titled ‘The Dot to Dot Protocol’ for building attention in any child who struggles to focus and follow directions in class or complete homework independently. It gives hands-on ideas to control screen time; supports parents in developing multi-sensorial methods to enhance academic motivation, learning skills, handwriting, reading, and mathematics; and makes important self-help skills like toilet training an easy transition. All this and more is presented in a step-wise, practical, graphical manner making the Chitra Lane Way an easy read as well as a useful one.
The book is available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil version, and can be found on,,,,  or purchased by calling +94112503906 or Rasika +94716805587
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