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Our Outreach

The Chitra Lane Sheltered Workshop provides a caring environment for intellectually impaired young adults, as well as their mothers to learn a vocational skill and earn an income. Established in 2001, this sheltered workshop is housed within the main Chitra Lane organization premises at 45/3, Chitra Lane, Colombo 5.

Individuals with Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and those with learning difficulties, attend the Sheltered workshop. Our students are from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds with the majority from low-income families residing in and around Colombo.

Our Aims
The overall aim of the Chitra Lane workshop is to create opportunities for income generation and sheltered employment for intellectually impaired young adults. Mothers of these young adults are also encouraged to participate in the vocational training programs so that eventually, income-generation projects can be carried out within their own homes.

Having the mothers and their children working together has been an extremely therapeutic and effective process paving the way to earn a much-needed family income as well as hope for the future.

Programs & facilities

The Chitra Lane Sheltered Workshop consists of the following five vocational training units through which training is provided:

Sewing Unit

Provides training in sewing and hand embroidery. Beautiful hand embroidered cushion covers, tote bags, crochet items, and baby linen is produced at this unit.

Recycled paper Unit

Provides training in the process of recycling waste paper and turning it into creative greeting cards and gift wrap.

Screen-printing Unit

Screen printing on fabric and paper and producing items such as visiting cards, stationery, cloth gift bags with logo printed on and t-shirts with art prints that are created by the students of Chitra Lane.

Cookery Unit

Making savoury pastries (short-eats), cakes, Sri Lankan rice and curries

Bead Jewellery Unit

Provides training in making bracelets, earrings, necklaces, keyrings, etc.

The products made by these young adults with special needs as well as their mothers are exquisite and are being marketed in retail shops in Colombo, or online through Who We Are. Orders are also undertaken for various items such as:

Cloth gift bags, laundry bags, and tote bags with screen printed logos

Hand embroidered purses, baby linen, quilts

Food items such as savoury pastries and cakes.

Recycled paper greeting cards.

Screen printed letterheads and visiting cards.

Income received from the sale of these items is distributed amongst the participating intellectually impaired young adults and their mothers, with a portion used for purchasing raw materials such as fabric, thread, printing ink, screens, and ingredients for cookery items.

You can view and purchase items through our SHOP

Recently, two of the courses conducted by the Sheltered workshop were awarded the National Vocational Qualifications or NVQ levels 3 and 2 for fulfilling the requirements of the National competency standards for Paper Recycling Technician and Baker. This will allow our students to enter into the global job market as qualified personnel with a nationally and internationally recognized certificate.

To place an order please contact Jean either by call on  011 2582758 or WhatsApp +94 760367695

Employment to CLS Graduates

We sincerely thank the Pizza Hut (Sri Lanka), Expolanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and all the other esteemed organizations for providing our graduates with necessary training and employment. Our students are making a positive difference in the community through companies that believe in the power of diversity and equal opportunity!
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