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Our Outreach
The Chitra Lane School for the Special Child is a day school that was founded in 1967 with just two students, in a small room down Lauries Road in Colombo 3.  Today, we are located within much larger premises down Chitra Lane, Colombo 5, and have a student body of over 200 children and young adults with special needs from ages five to twenty-one years. Children with Down’s syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and a whole host of other medical complications attend the school and are provided with a comprehensive special education program that includes sensory and cognitive skills development, creative arts, sports, and vocational training.  Our students are from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds with the majority from low-income families residing in and around Colombo.  The special education programs are conducted in Sinhala, Tamil or English depending on the child’s mother tongue.
Our Aims
With the firm belief that every child has the potential to learn – even if it is learning to comb his or her own hair, to hold a cup and drink by himself or paint a picture that speaks a thousand words – the Chitra Lane School works tirelessly with children who are severely impaired to those who are slow learners with learning difficulties.   The health and nutrition of the students are of vital importance and we ensure that each child is provided with a mid-day meal and a cup of milk.  Their health is closely monitored by our doctors at the Chitra Lane Children’s Resource Centre.
Programs & facilities
A comprehensive child-centered special education curriculum is followed which includes:

Sensory and cognitive skills, language, number skills, self-help, and life skills

Vocational skills such as sewing, cookery, housekeeping, making recycled paper products, screen printing and bead jewelry making

Sports, creative arts, and extra-curricular activities such as girl guides and boys scouts.

The School is divided into junior, intermediate, and senior sections. Upon graduation, those that will benefit from sheltered employment are encouraged to participate in the Chitra Lane Sheltered Workshop programs.

The students at Chitra Lane School have access to all facilities and services provided by the Chitra Lane Children’s Resource Centre including diagnostic testing, speech therapy, physiotherapy, medical clinics.

Special Events
Several events are planned throughout the year giving an opportunity for each and every child at Chitra Lane to shine and strengthen their self-concept. The sports meet, swimming meet, musical and drama shows, art exhibitions and field trips are all integral components of our program. We also celebrate all Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and Christian festivities that are of importance to our students.
Our Team
The school program is implemented on a daily basis by a team of 40 dedicated teachers and administrative staff. Several volunteers also contribute their time and efforts to making our program a success. Ours is a team of highly skilled and caring individuals that creates a warm, nurturing, and colorful environment in which children can learn and develop to their fullest potential.
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