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The Chitra Lane Academy builds expertise on caring for persons with special needs at a national and international level; by providing education, training and research opportunities to all stakeholders in the field. With the aim of creating a wide system of support for the field of special needs education in Sri Lanka and abroad, the Academy facilitates joint programmes with other recognized institutions. Such collaborative programmes will enable the Chitra lane Academy to disseminate knowledge through high quality academic and professional development activities, and provide consultancy opportunities.

The Chitra Lane Academy is registered as a training institution in the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka.

Our Goals

To educate the parents, care givers, professionals, and the general public on the importance of early detection and intervention

To conduct accredited tertiary and vocational programmes/courses leading to higher educational qualifications, in the field of “Special Needs”

To collaborate with selected local and international universities / institutions regarding training, clinical placements and research

To conduct research in the field of “Special Needs” and to undertake consultancy and extension work for institutions/ organizations involved in the field of “Special Needs”

To publish books, pamphlets and other educational materials on relevant topics in Sinhala, Tamil and English. This information is distributed amongst parents, teachers, schools, doctors, and hospitals across Sri Lanka.

To train and promote the rehabilitation of persons with special needs

Programs & facilities

The Chitra lane organization possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of “special needs” and implements several programmes to train persons in the field of special needs, including:

Regular training programmes and practical workshops for staff and parents

Public Awareness & Training Programmes on topics relevant to children with special needs

Training programmes for local and international institutions and professionals in the field

Courses in the field of Special Needs

Internship programmes and clinical placements for school leavers, graduates and undergraduates

The categories of different programmes are outlined below.

Courses & Workshops

One of the major responsibilities undertaken by the Chitra Lane Academy is training personnel who come into close contact with children with special needs and conducting public awareness programs. At present the training programmes include Programmes for parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals. Chitra lane considers such programs which contribute immensely to the wellbeing of the children with special needs, as one of their prime obligations to make the lives of these special children more productive and meaningful. To achieve this purpose, it is extremely important to conduct these programmes in a systematic manner at regular intervals so that eventually the benefits could be reaped by all sections of individuals who are directly involved with the welfare of the special children as well as the entire country whose burden will be very much lessened by having special children who could lead productive and independent lives.

The types of Training Programmes/ Courses conducted by the Academy are as follows:


  • Workshops: We run workshops on a range of topics related to the field of children with special needs. They can be arranged on demand at a time convenient to you and can be customized to your specifications and your particular requirements.


  • Short Courses: We conduct intensive short-term training programmes (one week to three month courses), on Special Needs related subjects such as:  Early detection and Intervention of Disabilities, Behavior Management, Physical Exercise and Sport, Art and Handicraft, Speech & Language Therapy, Learning Difficulties, special education teaching methods, handling children with Autism, etc.  for local and international organizations. We can also arrange bespoke courses depending on your need.


  • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) courses offered in collaboration with Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC):
    • Baker – NVQ Level 2
    • Paper Recycling Technician (For Persons with Disabilities) – NVQ Level 3
    • Child Care and Therapy Assistant (Special Needs) – NVQ Level 4
The need to conduct such programmes is accentuated by the fact that such training is not readily available in Sri Lanka and even the very few related programmes offered by a handful of institutes are unaffordable to the majority of interested individuals.

For further information, please email [email protected]. Or contact +94 112 503906 or +94 071 417 4218

Internships & Placements
The internship programme and clinical placements offered by the Chitra lane organization are available to school leavers, undergraduate students and recently graduated individuals of all ages and nationalities, local or foreign.

The internship programmes are meant to offer meaningful training experiences that enhance the professional skills of the participants while providing an insight to the problems faced by children with special needs and their families. At Chitra Lane, the interns can receive education and training in special education (teaching) and various forms of therapy (Speech & Language, Physiotherapy, Physical Education, Creative Arts, etc.)

The Chitra Lane Organization is a voluntary, charitable organization and hence, it does not have the capacity to offer sponsorship, accommodation or paid internships. All the internships offered by the Organization are voluntary and unpaid and requires the payment of a Student Services Fee specified according to the time duration of the internship.

Undergraduate / Graduate Internship Programme

Intern’s Eligibility Requirements:

The student must be enrolled in or recently graduated from a university or a reputed institute in order to participate. Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Foreign Interns:

  1. All applicants must be 18 years or older.
  2. Applicants should have recent experience or education related to the field of Special Needs
  3. Applicants must know English well enough to function.
  4. Applicants should be able to fund their travel and living expenses
  5. They should possess health and accident insurance

Chitra Lane will provide:

  1. Hands-on experience in working with children with special needs
  2. A suitable workspace for the intern, equipped with necessary tools for the work involved
  3. Support and supervision of the intern throughout the training programme
  4. Regular feed-back to facilitate the intern’s development
  5. Evaluations during and at the end of the programme
  6. A minimum of 35 hours per week to the participant
  7. Orientation to ensure that the intern is prepared to participate in the programmes with adequate knowledge about the rules and the policies of the Chitra Lane Organization.

Clinical Placements

Clinical Placements which provide students with the opportunity to transfer theory into practice and build critical hands-on skills are available under the supervision of experienced Clinical Psychologists, Therapists etc. The request fora Clinical placement has to be made by the relevant Academic advisor of the student.

School Leavers

Internships and Placements are also available to school leavers, who desire to gain experience, skills and exposure to the field of special needs.

Online Applications

Individuals interested in internship opportunities, please fill the Internship Intake form and submit online. Once your initial application is accepted it will be processed formally.


If you need further information, please email [email protected]. Or contact +94 112 503906 or 071 417 4218

Student Projects & Research Projects

The Academy frequently gets inquiries from interested undergraduate and postgraduate students wanting to do parts of their projects, observations, surveys etc. at Chitra Lane. Even though it is not easy for our staff to make arrangements for such undertakings, we try our best to accommodate at least some of these requests in view of the importance of advancement of knowledge in this field. Considering the time and effort which go into arranging these exercises, we are compelled to charge a nominal fee from the student, unless the relevant institute has an MOU with us.


For further information, please email [email protected]. Or contact +94 112 503906 or +94 071 417 4218

The following courses conducted by the Academy are registered in the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka (TVEC)

Certificate in Home Science (Cookery)

Certificate in Basic Bakery Products

Certificate in Sewing and Handwork

Certificate in Paper Recycling

Certificate in Screen Printing

Certificate in Understanding the Special Child

Awareness programmes on Children with Special Needs

Certificate in Care and Education for Children with Special Needs

Two of the above courses conducted under the supervision of the Academy have been accredited recently by the TVEC, namely the course on “Basic Bakery Products” and the course on “Paper Recycling” leading to the National Vocational Qualifications at NVQ Level 2 (Baker) and NVQ Level 3 (Paper Recycling Technician) – for persons with disabilities.

The course most recently introduced by the Academy is a one-year course on “Providing Care and Education for Children with Special Needs“, which is presently ongoing. This course is in keeping with the requirements of National Vocational Qualification – Level 4 (NVQ – Level 4), given by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka and it is intended to obtain accreditation soon.

A few programs conducted by the Academy in the recent past are given below.

Intensive 04-day Training Programme for 105 govt Teachers in the Northern Province

Two-day Workshop on “Early Intervention & Infant Stimulation” in Maldives for 30 Teachers

• Five-day Residential Training Programme on “Children with Disabilities” for 20 Healthcare and Extension Officers in Kandy in collaboration with Plan Sri Lanka

Five-day TOT Programme for 151 Pre-school teachers (in 6 workshops) in collaboration with Plan Sri Lanka

Five-day Training Programme for 24 Teachers from Kilinochchi funded by World Vision

Three-Day Program for staff from Eden Centre, Myanmar on “Supporting Children with Special Needs”

All courses/programs are conducted by the experienced team of professionals of Chitra Lane (Including Clinical Psychologists, Speech & Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Special Educationists, etc.) and other external experts in the field. The main strength of the program is that it offers students hands-on practical application of the theoretical knowledge in a special needs setting.

The Chitra Lane Academy team is open to customizing programs upon request, based on the needs of singles, organizations, governmental organizations, etc. For inquiries please contact                 Upcoming programmes (Terms and Conditions apply)

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